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    Versagate Baby Gate – Black (40 to 77.25W)

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    Versagate Baby Gate – Black (Expandable with purchase of extensions) – Rugged Steel Construction! Rubber coated stabilizing feet increase stability and prevent scuffing of wood floors. Free Shipping!

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    Product Description

    Versagate Baby Gate – Black (Extensions Available)


    • Rugged steel construction
    • Rubber coated feet prevent scuffing of wood floors
    • Can be removed without unscrewing from the wall
    • Easy to assemble
    • Expandable to any length or enclosure size by purchasing additional extensions found under Gate Accessories
    • Extensions can be shaped at any angle or in a straight line for optimal versatility
    • Easy one-handed operation for adults
    • Includes a 40″ door panel and two 20″ extensions
    • Picture with dog at fireplace is the Versagate package plus two extra 40″ extensions


    • Height: 30.5″
    • Bar spacing is 2.25″
    • Door opening is 24″
    • Width: Basic package covers 40″ to 77.25″
    • 20″ and 40″ extensions are available

    Click Here to see PDF of Installation Instructions




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