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    Round Clamp-500

    Two Round Clamps For Baby or Pet Gates – Package Five

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    Two Round Clamps For Baby or Pet Gates for use if your Hinge is mounting to the wall and your Latch is mounting to a round post that is no more than 3 3/4 inches in width. Having to put screw holes in your woodwork can be avoided by using these wood clamps.

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    Product Description

    Two Round Clamps For Dog Gates – Package Five

    If you are mounting your gate to a round post on one side of the gate (latch) and the wall on the other side (hinge), this would be the package you require as long as the measurements are as stated below.

    Includes two Round Clamps

    Round Clamp Features:

    This solid wood clamp will work with round posts to ensure proper and secure mounting of our gates.

    Post size must be 3 ¾” or smaller in width.

    Installation Instructions for Round Clamps



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