Free Standing Walk Through 3 Panel Wood Pet Gate – Artisan Bronze (32H, 60W)

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The Highlander series provides all new functionality for pet gates. A free standing artisan bronze wood gate with a swinging walk through panel. The 32 inch height and a width capability of up to 60 inches makes it the perfect pet gate for medium size openings.

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The Highlander Series 32″ High Free Standing Walk Through 3 Panel Pet Gate in Artisan Bronze


  • the walk-through metal frame is constructed of welded steel with a durable powder coat finish.
  • the door swings freely in both directions and securely closes at the top and bottom.
  • a tension spring hinge prevents “curious” pets from nudging open the door.
  • the beautiful finishes are applied with care and attention to detail to ensure lasting durability.
  • recommended as a pet gate only (not a baby gate)



Height:   32 inches

Width:    up to 60 inches



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