Extra Tall Hallway Security Pet Gate Combo – Black (39.4H, 38 to 53W)

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One third off, on the amazing extra tall hallway pet gate combo package in black. Pressure mounted with a swing close gate system. 39 inches in height and from 38 to 53 inches in width. This gate includes a 3.5 inch and a 7 inch extension.

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The Extra Tall Hallway Security Pet Gate Combo Package Provides 39 Inches in Height and from 38 to 53 Inches in Width – Black


  • Great for hallways and large openings
  • Pressure mounted – Very easy to set up and take down!
  • Gate opens in both directions and swings closed automatically!
  • Easy one-handed operation for adults.
  • includes two free extensions (3.5″ and 7″)
  • Includes mounting cups that can be screwed or taped to the wall for added security but are not necessary unless gate is used at top of stairs.
  • Not Recommended For Cats

    When first removed from package there will be a gap at door opening. This is normal for pressure mounted gates and will close once gate is installed properly.

Note: The Dream Baby brand of gates are fine for most pets. However, the manufacturer of Dream Baby gates also manufactures the same gate under thew Bindaboo Pet Gate brand. Although the design is identical, the Bindaboo gates have been manufactured with reinforced steel, creating a stronger gate best suited for larger pets. As a result the Bindaboo gates are the more expensive option. The Dream Baby gates are fine for most pets. 


Height: Extra-Tall 39.4″ height!

Width:  38.0″ – 42.5″ (without extensions)

   41.5″ – 46.0″ (3.5″ extension)

  45.0″ – 49.5″ (7″ extension)

  48.5″ – 53.0″ (3.5″ and 7″ extensions) 

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