Bindaboo Extra Tall SC Pet Gate Plus 7 and 10.5 – White (39.4H, 28-49.5W)

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Extra Tall Swing Close Bindaboo Security Pet Gate With Two Extensions in White (39.4″H, 28″ to 49.5″W). Includes one 7″ extension and one 10.5″ extension and is great for large pets.

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Extra Tall Swing Close Bindaboo Security Pet Gate With One 7″ and One 10.5″ Extensions in White (39.4″H, 28″ to 49.5″W)


  • Pressure mounted – Very easy to set up and take down!
  • Reinforced Steel – Counters pet strength
  • Gate opens in both directions and swings closed automatically!
  • Easy one-handed operation for adults.
  • Great for large pets.
  • Includes one 7 inch and one 10.5 inch extensions.
  • Includes mounting cups that can be screwed or taped to the wall for added security but are not necessary unless gate is used at top of stairs.


    Height:   Extra Tall 39.4″

                 28.0″ – 32.0″  (no extensions)

                 35.0″ – 39.0″  (with 7″ extension)

                 45.5″ – 49.5″  (with 7″ + 10.5″ extensions)


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