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    Autolock Pressure Baby Gate – 5 and 10 inch Ext – Black (up to 48.25)

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    A wide baby gate in black with up to four width combinations in one package deal. Have the flexibility to install your baby gate in multiple locations requiring different gate widths.

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    Product Description

    Autolock Pressure Baby Gate Plus 5″ and 10″ Extensions in Black

    The AutoLock pressure baby gate is the perfect gate for high traffic areas. This package includes two extensions (one 5 inch and one 10 inch) which allow for multiple configurations.

    28.75 – 33.25″  (no extensions)

    33.75 – 38.25″ (using only the 5″ extension)

    38.75 – 43.25″ (using only the 10″ extension)

    43.75 – 48.25″ (using both extensions)


    • center door opens with one hand operation
    • center door automatically locks when closed
    • simple to install
    • no plastic parts
    • no screws required
    • rubber coated pressure pads to protect wood moldings
    • steel construction

    Please click here to see a PDF of the Installation Instructions.



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